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Kid Ink   Cool Back Union J   Girl Like You
Pleasure P   Do You Fall Out Boy   The Kids Aren’t Alright
Caterina Valente   You're Following Me Caterina Valente   Whispering
Caterina Valente   To Be A Performer Caterina Valente   There Will Never Be Another You
Caterina Valente   Stella By Starlight Caterina Valente   Summertime Love
Caterina Valente   Old Devil Moon Caterina Valente   My Funny Valentine
Caterina Valente   More Than Likely Caterina Valente   Melancolia
Marilyn Manson   Warship My Wreck Marilyn Manson   The Devil Beneath My Feet
Marilyn Manson   The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles Marilyn Manson   Slave Only Dreams To Be King
Marilyn Manson   Odds Of Even Marilyn Manson   Fated, Faithful, Fatal
Marilyn Manson   Deep Six Marilyn Manson   Birds Of Hell Awaiting
Marilyn Manson   Cupid Carries A Gun Rae Sremmurd   Yno
Rae Sremmurd   This Could Be Us Rae Sremmurd   Unlock The Swag
Rae Sremmurd   Lit Like Bic Rae Sremmurd   Safe Sex Pay Checks
Chief Keef   Oh Lawd Chief Keef   Gooey
Chief Keef   Funny Chief Keef   Fishin'
Chief Keef   Already Kyary Pamyu Pamyu   Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu   Ponponpon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu   Tsukematsukeru
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu   Ninja Re Bang Bang Charli XCX   Sucker
Charli XCX   Doing It Charli XCX   Body Of My Own
James Blunt   Smoke Signals James Blunt   Working It Out
Rylan Mahoney   Through The Night Fabolous   Ball Drop
Big House   Love Ain't Easy Nicki Minaj   Wamables
Living Tombstone   Luna Jeremy Camp   Living Word
Adore Delano   My Address Is Hollywood Falling In Reverse   God, If You Are Above...


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