Lasgo - All Night Long Lyrics

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Lasgo - All Night Long Lyrics

Popular LyricsLasgoAll Night Long Lyrics

Artist: Lasgo
Song: All Night Long
Album: Far Away

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Baby, lay it on the line
If I am on your mind
Baby, do you like romance
If you care for me, you better take this chance

Baby, I played my last card
So please don't break my heart
Baby, time is running out
If you want me too then you just give a shout

I wanna make love with you
All night
All night long
I wanna make love
With you
All night long

Baby, I am on my knees
Be mine, I'm begging you please
Baby, it's decision time
Got to know right now, there's nowhere you can hide

I wanna make love with you
All night
I wanna make love with you
All night


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