Prince - Musicology Lyrics

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Prince - Musicology Lyrics

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Artist: Prince
Song: Musicology
Album: Musicology

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Heard about the party now
Just east o' Harlem
Dougie's gonna b there
But u got 2 call him

Even the soldiers
Need a break sometimes
Listen 2 the groove ya'll
Let it unwind your mind

No intoxication
Unless you see what I see
Dancin hot n' sweaty
Right in front of me

Call it what u like
I'm gonna call it how it be
This is just another one
Of God's gifts

Keep that party movin
Just like I told you
Kick the old school joint
4 the true funk soldiers

Wish I had a dollar
4 everytime u say
Don't u miss the feeling
Music gave ya
Back in the day?

Let's Groove
Earth, Wind and Fire
Hot Pants by James
Sly's gonna take you higher

Minor keys and drugs
Don't make a rollerskate jam
Take ur pick - turntable or a band?

If it ain't Chuck D
or Jam Master Jay
Know what?
They're losin'
'Cause we got a PhD in
Advanced Body Movin'

Keep the party movin'
Just like I told you
Kick the old school joint
4 the true funk soldiers

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