Eve - Tambourine (Remix) Lyrics

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Eve - Tambourine (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics • EveTambourine (Remix) Lyrics

Artist: Eve
Song: Tambourine (Remix)
Album: Popular Songs

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Eve f/ Missy Elliot, Swizz Beatz & Fabolous

Shake your tambourine gon get yourself a whistlin (15x)

::Missy e::
imma shake my tambourine
keep it jumpin like a trampoline
see the puddy cat
it look pretty fat
and tell them boys to come close watch me push him back
us girls look cute shakin our stuff
them boys standin back lookin at us
shakin shakin now
let me break it down
when me and eve come through u better watch out

Shake your tambourine gon get yourself a whistlin (5x)

(jiggle it baby)
go head baby
I flash screen till they say go head baby
if bitches take u there u betta go head baby
u can b the next jennifer lopez maybe
and we can be cleaner then the post threads baby
lean on these honies like a dopehead baby
the niggas on your car gets no bread baby
do it say stupid on your phone call baby
since I got what I made I aint gotta check those bills
damn this is how betlum feels
by the way I be lambourginin
I be havin chicks shakin like they tambourinin

Shake your tambourine gon get yourself a whistlin

yea im back in ya ear but this time I got the remix
its better this time yea can u believe this
catch em in the club when this shit come on
have them scream in the buildin this they favorite song
cant stop it no so dont trip
u can watch while I shake cuz I know what u like
from the front to the back got them shakin they hands
leavin them thugs 2 steppin thats they love 4 the dance
yea its alrite see them gettin lose and
what u think will happen with the bottle of the goose now
yea its crazy how we like to play
I got it ready for them baby this the song I play

::Swizz beatz::
so clean so mean
shawty on the floor shakin her damn tambourine
get it on the floor show her pictures she aint seen b4
told her I could make her back it up on the wall
I told her I was freaky freaky freaky on the floor
she said I was skinny so she thought I coulnt hold her
but I threw her damn big ass on my shoulder
I told her

Shake your tambourine gon get yourself a whistlin

(Like this, like that)
(to the left, to the right)

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