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Hoobastank Lyrics
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    Album Lyrics: Popular Lyrics [2009]
  1. So Close So Far

"Every Man for Himself"
    Album Lyrics: Every Man for Himself [2006]
  1. The Rules
  2. Born To Lead
  3. Moving Forward
  4. Inside Of You
  5. The First Of Me
  6. Good Enough
  7. If I Were You
  8. Without A Fight
  9. Don't Tell Me
  10. Look Where We Are
  11. Say The Same
  12. If Only
  13. More Than A Memory

"The Reason"
    Album Lyrics: The Reason [2003]
  1. Same Direction
  2. Out of Control
  3. What Happened to Us?
  4. Escape
  5. Just One
  6. Lucky
  7. From the Heart
  8. Reason
  9. Let It Out
  10. Unaffected
  11. Never There
  12. Disappear
  13. Hoobastank Talking to Fans

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