Jack's Mannequin - Rescued Lyrics

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Jack's Mannequin - Rescued Lyrics
Lyrics • Jack's MannequinRescued Lyrics

Artist: Jack's Mannequin
Song: Rescued
Album: Everything In Transit

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Two to one
Static to the sound of you and I
I'm done for the last time
And there this was
Hiding at the bottom of your
Swimming pool some September
And don't you think
I wish I could stay

Your lips give you away
I can hear it, the jet engine
Through the center of the storm
And I'm thinking I'd
Prefer not to be rescued

Two to none
Roads that lead away from this
I'm following myself just this once
And I've got spun
It appears you're spun as well
It happens when you pay attention
This could take all year, but

When it's quiet, does she hear me?
The jet is sent to the
Center of the storm
And I'm thinking I
Prefer not to be rescued

Oh, I can feel her, she's dying
Just to keep me cool
I'm finally numb, so please
Don't get me rescued... rescued...

And it's unclear
But this may be my last song
Oh, I, I can tell
She's raising hell to give to me
But she got me once
So please don't get me rescued

Oh, say you'll miss me one last time
I'll be strong, but whatever you do
Please don't get me rescued...

Cause I'm feeling like
I might need to be near you
And I feel alright, so please
Don't get me rescued...

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