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"Popular Lyrics"
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    Album Lyrics: Popular Lyrics [2008]
  1. Emergency Room
  2. We Need To Roll
  3. Man In Your Life

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"Popular Songs"
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    Album Lyrics: Popular Songs [2007]
  1. If I Was Your Man
  2. If I Was Your Man Remix
  3. My Love

"And Then..."
    Album Lyrics: And Then... [2003]
  1. Sweeter Than Sugar
  2. And Then...
  3. More And More
  4. Ride Wit U
  5. Priceless
  6. Jeep
  7. You Dropped Your Dime
  8. Make You My Baby
  9. Street Dreams
  10. It Ain't Like That
  11. Another Used to Be
  12. Bedroom
  13. Testify

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