Journey South - All of You Lyrics

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Journey South - All of You Lyrics
Lyrics • Journey SouthAll of You Lyrics

Artist: Journey South
Song: All of You
Album: Journey South

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I could spend every day of your life looking for something that's so hard to find
We all make mistakes sometimes that only make us stronger, keep the love alive
When you're lonely and your heart's filled with doubt
That's when you need to know

I'll take all of you
My arms are open wide
I'll hold you closer till the day I die
And I promise you
I'll be standing by your side
No matter what this life puts us through
I will take all of you

I should've known you're beautiful
No one can see it deep within your soul
You don't have to show me how
Cause loving you comes easy
I thank God for what I've found
So when I find the strength inside to let go
Baby that's when you know


I'll take the good time with the bad
I'll give you everything I have
Cause we'll stand together
I'll take a wrong and make it right
Won't let a single day go by
Without you beside me


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Journey South
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