k.d. lang - Angel With A Lariat Lyrics

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k.d. lang - Angel With A Lariat Lyrics
Lyrics " k.d. lang " Angel With A Lariat Lyrics

Artist: k.d. lang
Song: Angel With A Lariat
Album: Reintarnation

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Angel, angel from the sky
Came right down to sit beside
This lonely achin' heart of mine
That now, folks, feels sublime
Now I'm a walkin', talkin'
And a spinnin'
I can't keep my face from grinnin'
Things are roarin', soarin'
Oh what a feelin'
And to think it's just beginnin'

Angel with a lariat
Carry me home sweet chariot
With you

Angel toss your rope around
Yank me up from the ground
Sound the trumpets, send a hue
Ascending angels through the blue

I feel emancipation
No, I don't worry
Set my bugaboos down to worry
There's no aggravation
There's no worry
For I have found a true love surely

With you

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k.d. lang
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