Kierra Kiki Sheard - Let Go (The Godson Concept) Lyrics

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Kierra Kiki Sheard - Let Go (The Godson Concept) Lyrics
Lyrics " Kierra Kiki Sheard " Let Go (The Godson Concept) Lyrics

Artist: Kierra Kiki Sheard
Song: Let Go (The Godson Concept)
Album: Let Go

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Everybody wants to let go
But somebody's gotta hold on
The whole world's going crazy
Somebody's gotta stay strong
It don't look good for right now
But right now ain't forever
Everybody wants to let go
Sombody's gotta hold on

Verse I:
Somebody said you don't know what I've been through
You're young and life is simple
I lived for years with a man that don't love me
And my kids are actin' crazy
And you don't know that my heart's been broken
Even though I'm actin' fine
You don't know that good times
Ain't been around my way in a while

Verse 2:
Somebody lost their mother, somebody lost their father
Somebody has no home and their world is falling on them
But I gotta tell you something
You gotta go through something
If you wanna be something
You can't get it for nothing

Hold on, hold on

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