Killa Kyleon - White Cups Lyrics

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Killa Kyleon - White Cups Lyrics
Lyrics " Killa Kyleon " White Cups Lyrics

Artist: Killa Kyleon
Song: White Cups
Album: Popular Lyrics

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freeze, freeze
freeze, freeze
freeze, freeze.

runnin .. my niggas so hand over
her lean looking like... you canít open
a bottle to seven will smoke it up
a zip just to toast.. niggas dead.. iím .. to
jealous got me .. so the pistolís what iím closed to
so it keep the heat for the haters of .. approach you
plus they try to get up in the pretty mother fucker
and i keep some pretty .. in the pretty mothe f*cka
got a seat in inside waste like power... like i got it from power
..just compliment ..
canít pay the .. itís make a ..purple and look like youíre wow wow
roll with your entourage... bow wow
we .. donít rock a .. hit the corner in ..
to the cups not with their weapons .. freeze

2 x chorus:
grab your bottle fill up with white cups
when youíre smoking ..the right stuff
all i need is some money and me some nice slut
waiting on my pice of slice up. my people ..iím just hustling for a piece of bread
b*tches getting broken, my religion iím a baptist
no way ..sleeping on that crwon like a ..this
wripping ...on the .. passing you haters.. break em cashiní
chicks i got a knock inside .. since you asking
..iím getting here like an aspirin
cadillac music Ďcause i canít afford to askiní
..better ..nigga youíll be..laughing at your ..
nigga you abuse me put on a cup of juice
now youíre real you confuse me
miss me .. Ďcause you lose me
... light my .. ainít be no lover i just caught when i ..
iím just f*cking youíre just tryin to duggy.


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Killa Kyleon
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    Album Lyrics: Popular Lyrics [2011]
  1. White Cups

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