Kirk Franklin - Better Lyrics

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Kirk Franklin - Better Lyrics
Lyrics " Kirk Franklin " Better Lyrics

Artist: Kirk Franklin
Song: Better
Album: Hero

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If I could, I'd get away
Far from all this trouble I see everyday
Nobody wants to, show their face
This life is like a masquerade
I know You love me, I know You care
But while I'm hurting
I just need to know You're there
Watching over me, and I feel You telling me

Count it all joy, always remember
Life will get better, it's gonna get better
No matter the weapon, it will not prosper
Things will get better, it's gonna be better

Persecuted, pushed away
Didn't think I'd live to see another day
Cried some tears and, couldn't pray
And when I tried at times
I couldn't find the words to say
But now I'm stronger, because of You
Without You Jesus I never could have made it through

Thank You for watching me
Loving me and telling me


Life sometimes may change and nobody wants to feel pain
But it came to help you grow, this one thing you need to know
God's in love with you and He'll never let you go


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Kirk Franklin
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