Kirk Franklin - Looking For You Lyrics

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Kirk Franklin - Looking For You Lyrics
Lyrics " Kirk Franklin " Looking For You Lyrics

Artist: Kirk Franklin
Song: Looking For You
Album: Hero

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Verse 1
I've been down so long
I've been hurt for so long
There were times I thought I'd never see the break of day
It was hard for me to see Your plan for me
And I tried to believe struggling won't last always

See night after night I prayed Lord
Don't take Your joy from me
And then late one night
I read in Your love letter that it's gonna get better

Don't You know that I've been looking for You
I realize nothing else will satisfy [me]
I'm so glad I found You

Now that I'm changed
No one can keep me away from You

Verse 2
When my enemies tried to come for me
And they thought that my world was coming to an end
All the while You knew that I would make it through
I feel closer to You now than when I first began
Jesus You are, You are my sunlight after the rain
So wherever You are I just wanna be near You
I'm so glad I can hear You

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Kirk Franklin
    Album Lyrics: Hero [2005]
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