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Maria Mena Lyrics
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Maria Mena
"Apparently Unaffected"
    Album Lyrics: Apparently Unaffected [2005]
  1. Internal Dialogue
  2. This Bottle Of Wine
  3. Miss You Love
  4. Boytoy Baby
  5. If You'll Stay In My Past (pt.1)
  6. He's Hurting Me
  7. Just Hold Me
  8. Long Time Coming
  9. If You'll Stay In My Past (pt.2)
  10. Nevermind Me
  11. These Shoes
  12. Our Battles
  13. Calm Under The Waves
  14. If You'll Stay In My Past (pt.3)

Maria Mena
"White Turns Blue"
    Album Lyrics: White Turns Blue [2004]
  1. You're The Only One
  2. Fragile (Free)
  3. Just A Little Bit
  4. Blame It On Me
  5. My Lullaby
  6. Take You With Me
  7. What's Another Day
  8. Lose Control
  9. Shadow
  10. Your Glasses
  11. Sorry
  12. A Few Small Bruises

Maria Mena
"You're the Only One / Patience"
    Album Lyrics: You're the Only One / Patience [2004]
  1. You're the Only One
  2. Patience

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