Nathan Neff - I Rock The Most Lyrics

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Nathan Neff - I Rock The Most Lyrics
Lyrics " Nathan Neff " I Rock The Most Lyrics

Artist: Nathan Neff
Song: I Rock The Most
Album: Popular Lyrics

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Well, I'm a simple man, but I'm one of a kind
I'm like Johnny Cash but I cross the line
I wanna hear Dwight Yoakum and CCR
I got friends in low places even though I'm a star
I'm on the road again like Willie Nelson said
If I'm not on stage well then I must be dead
I am who I am if you don't like me now
A southern man don't need you around anyhow

I was raised on country music til I heard Summer of '69
You know I like Bocephus, but I love Sweet Child O'mine
I like southern rock and country and I really don't like to boast
I like to watch you dance to hip hop or trance
But you know I Rock The Most

Back in black you know it's been a long time
But I still got the moves and now you know I got rhyme
Breakin' it down on the microphone
I got two turn tables of some Rolling Stones
I'm like Aerosmith you know I got what it takes
And I'm heavy as Led when the levy breaks
I get on my horse I'm wanted dead or alive
But a country boy can survive so let's ride

I feel that Sweet Emotion and you know it gets me high
I still get down on that classic sound cause it's stood the test of time
Well you know I love all music and I'd like to make a toast
To The Beatles, KISS and Aerosmith
But you know I Rock The Most

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Nathan Neff
"Popular Lyrics"
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    Album Lyrics: Popular Lyrics [2008]
  1. I Rock The Most

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