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Paul Wall Lyrics
Popular Lyrics " Paul Wall Lyrics

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Paul Wall
"Popular Lyrics"
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    Album Lyrics: Popular Lyrics [2008]
  1. Exposed
  2. Pop One Of These
  3. Bizzy Body

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Paul Wall
"Popular Songs"
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    Album Lyrics: Popular Songs [2007]
  1. Break Em Off
  2. That Fire

Paul Wall
"The Peoples Champ"
    Album Lyrics: The Peoples Champ [2005]
  1. I'm a Playa
  2. They Don't Know (Feat. Bun B)
  3. Ridin' Dirty (feat. TI)
  4. State to State (feat. Freeway)
  5. So Many Diamonds
  6. Smooth Operator
  7. Sittin' Sidewayz (feat. Big Pokey)
  8. Internet Going Nutz
  9. Trill (feat. Bun B and BG)
  10. Sippin' tha Barre
  11. Drive Slow (Feat. Kanye West)
  12. March N' Step (Feat. Grit Boys)
  13. Got Plex (Feat. Archie Lee and Cottabang)
  14. Girl
  15. Big Ballin'
  16. Sip-N-Get High (Feat. Aqualeo)
  17. Just Paul Wall

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