Ryan Cabrera - Exit To Exit Lyrics

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Ryan Cabrera - Exit To Exit Lyrics
Lyrics " Ryan Cabrera " Exit To Exit Lyrics

Artist: Ryan Cabrera
Song: Exit To Exit
Album: Take It All Away

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Was it the little things I left unsaid?
The thoughts are wrapped around my head, in love, in life
Could it be our time was incomplete
Someone thats just bent to need enough inside

And i've lost my direction
Where do i turn?

You wanted something more than this
Fell down for someone else's kiss
I'm lost without your light
So i drive, i don't know why
But i drive, from exit to exit

Could it be the taste was bittersweet
Well it all comes down to your defeat
So high, so low
Crash and burn we all fall down
And i can still hear the sound of love, run dry

And i've lost my connection
What have i learned?


Someday i won't be lost
Someday i won't miss you
Someday i'll understand
But for now you're taking over me

I've lost my direction
Where do i turn?


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