Seether - Burrito Lyrics

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Seether - Burrito Lyrics
Lyrics " Seether " Burrito Lyrics

Artist: Seether
Song: Burrito
Album: Karma and Effect

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I try to hide myself
Give this to someone else
My hands are stained with scum
Wish I could wash it away
You keep taking, taking away
And keep breaking, breaking, break

I can't believe in yesterday
I feel you coming in
I can't just stand by and watch you
Save yourself as you fall from grace
When you come around I won't be your sympathy

The worst is over now
You said it anyhow
My life in monochrome
Wish I could regain control
You keep taking, taking away
I keep faking, faking, fake
Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up again
Find me, feel me, fill me, then cut me up

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