Seether - Simplest Mistake Lyrics

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Seether - Simplest Mistake Lyrics
Lyrics " Seether " Simplest Mistake Lyrics

Artist: Seether
Song: Simplest Mistake
Album: Karma and Effect

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Watch it blow my mind
It's something I am ill-prepared to remedy
But let it slow the time
It takes to die and close your eyes to your enemy
Self-made millionaires won't take ideas
From all the little plebeians just suffocate with smiles
And force fed lies
And close your mind to reality

It feels like I'm losing again
When I've lost everything
I'm sure I will see more clearly
Lose what I'm feeling to them
And not feeling anything
I'm sure I will bleed sincerely

So you make the simplest mistake
So you make the simplest mistake
And fearlessly you deny your involvement in my demise
But give me your open hand

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