Tamia - Why Ask Why Lyrics

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Tamia - Why Ask Why Lyrics
Lyrics " Tamia " Why Ask Why Lyrics

Artist: Tamia
Song: Why Ask Why
Album: More

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Why even worry bout' it baby
Why even waste your time or day
Can't believe that you would think that I would do you that way
If you say you know me like you know me you should know that I'm your one and only
Baby you don't have to question me cause I'm in love with you

Why would you ever worry about it
Why wouldn't wanna be without you
(without you why)
Why would you ever doubt the love that
I have for you (have for you)
Baby why ask why

[Repeat Chorus]

Gotta know the way I feel about you if you don't
I'm gonna make it clear no matter what they say about it boy
I'm gonna be right here (oh baby)
I promise that I'll never do you wrong
I promise you the love of my life (love of my life)
I'm telling you that I will
forever love and treat you right

Why would you ever worry about it
Why would you wanna be without me
Why would you ever doubt the love that I have for you
Baby why ask why


We've been together long enough to see that our love is real and right now
I'm telling you just how I'm feeling so you can
Be for sure (for sure) don't have to ask no more (don't ask no more)
You'll know that my heart is all yours


I love you baby I want you oh baby
I need you so don't you doubt my love for you

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